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The 5 issues with ICO’s

By Scott Shapiro - June 24, 2017

Republished from scottshapiro.com ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings – think: crowdfunding for cryptobusinesses on steroids) are occuring more often and at even larger scale. While it’s super exciting, there are some huge fundamental issues with the way this is going down. I’m shocked by the extreme speculation and lack of diligence. We will see the musical chair […]

Must know about ICOs and Ethereums crash on GDAX

By Victor Hedman - June 22, 2017

 ICO Trouble High valued ICOs are a common sight on the ethereum network these days. Adaption of the technology is a huge step forward but it is not without issues. Greed, conflicts of interest and damaged reputation are some of the consequences of the way ICOs work today. How does an ICO work today? In […]

Ethereum and Bitcoin Rebounds

By Victor Hedman - June 16, 2017

Following the big drop yesterday, markets rebounded overnight. Ethereum saw a drop from 370$ all the way down to 265$ on certain exchanges, but now trades comfortably at over 350$ on all exchanges. Bitcoin investors are also taking a breath of relief after the drop of over 20% as Bitcoin now trades in the high […]

The cause of todays cryptocurrency price rollercoaster

By Victor Hedman - June 15, 2017

The markets have seen a lot of action today as multiple negative news stories breaks about cryptocurrencies, and mainly Bitcoin. The first news to break was not really news. A major news outlet known for their sensationalistic journalism summarised a 3 week old bill introduced by the US Senate by stating that “Bitcoin/Crypto is evil”. […]

Ethereum gaining interest in new industries

By Victor Hedman - June 14, 2017

Reuters, the news and statistic agency, intend to bring their business to the Ethereum blockchain says the New York Times. They will be releasing a tool called BlockOne IQ. Wall Street firms can use Reuters data and plug the data into the blockchain. The goal of BlockOneIQ is to enable companies to implement blockchains into their […]

United Nations send aid to Syrian refugees using Ethereum

By Victor Hedman - June 13, 2017

On the 31st of May, the United Nations used a private blockchain based on the Ethereum technology to distribute aid amongst Syrian refugees. The refugees were given tokens which could be used as vouchers for trading in the markets. This initiative was made possible by Parity Technology, founded by Gavin Wood who is also a […]

Ethereum blasts through 300$ and more ICOs are announced

By Victor Hedman - June 11, 2017

Ethereum continues to gain After a week hovering around 250$ Ethereum shot up and smashed through the 300$ limit and continued to skyrocket all the way up to 350$. This week has been filled with announcements of new ICOs based on the Ethereum blockchain, most notably Bancor. Speculations in the end of May predicted that […]