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Score 85 / 100
Security 8
Customer Support 9
User Friendly 9
Regional Availability 10
Reputation 7
Fees 8

Xcoins facilitates deals between buyers and sellers of Bitcoins. So whether you want to buy or sell your Bitcoins, Xcoins is your you. They charge a 3% fee for this service which is average compared to market competitors. Xcoins has had a bad reputation previously, but their team has worked hard to improve it and today they offer a safe way for you to buy Bitcoins. 

Pros and Cons

  • CheckAccepts Credit Card and PayPal
  • CheckSafe
  • CheckGood customer service
  • CrossHistory of PayPal chargebacks
  • CrossOnly sells Bitcoins

Payment Methods

Payment Method Name Deposit Fees Exchange Rates Max Purchase
Without Verification
Max Purchase
With Verification
CheckCredit Card3%Har reggat konto för att seCheck
CheckPaypal3%Har reggat konto för att seCheck

Xcoins Review

Xcoins offer a new way of buying Bitcoins from sellers. Xcoins works as an intermediary and facilitates trades between buyers and sellers. For this service, they charge a 3% fee. Xcoins has a good reputation nowadays, but has previously had some trouble with chargebacks from customers using PayPal. They claim this issue is now fixed, and looking at what people write about them online, there seems to be no problems today! Still be cautious if you are a seller of Bitcoins on this site. As a buyer, you run no risk of chargebacks. 

Xcoins only sells Bitcoins currently, which is a negative compared to a lot of other exchanges today. Ethereum is on the rise together with other smaller cryptocurrencies so as an investor, you might want to choose another exchange.
If your primary use of Bitcoins is to purchase other things, Xcoins works fine for you. 

They are a lot easier to use compared to competitors that facilitate trade between two parties. Both Paxful and LocalBitcoins are a lot more difficult to use, and you run a larger risk of getting a bad deal.

Overall, Xcoins is a good trustful exchange to buy your Bitcoins, but you may find better alternatives out there. 

Review Score: 85

Company Information

Company: Xcoins

Xcoins was founded in 2015 and operates out of California, US. 

Traded Currencies

  • CheckCheckBitcoin
  • CrossCheckEthereum
  • CrossCheckRipple
  • CrossCheckLitecoin
  • CrossCheckStratis
  • CrossCheckNEM

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