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Score 86 / 100
Security 9
Customer Support 8
User Friendly 7
Regional Availability 10
Reputation 9
Fees 9

HITBTC is an exchange that allows you to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum or pretty much whatever cryptocurrency you would like on an open market. They do not store the currencies themselves, as HITBTC simply provides a platform for people to trade different cryptocurrencies with each other. They do not accept credit cards as a means of fuding your account.

Pros and Cons

  • CheckLow fees
  • CheckOffers advanced tools for trading
  • CrossDoes not accept credit cards
  • CrossDifficult for beginners

Payment Methods

Payment Method Name Deposit Fees Exchange Rates Max Purchase
Without Verification
Max Purchase
With Verification
CheckCredit CardCross


HITBTC offers a more advanced trading platform than most of the exchanges we have reviewed. It is more suitable for advanced traders who wish to actively manage their cryptocurrency portfolio than the novice Bitcoin user. If you are simply looking to buy Bitcoin at a good price in order to hold it for a longer period of time or use it as a means of trade, we suggest you use another one of our exchanges rated Beginner Friendly. If you do however intend to make money through trading different cryptocurrencies, HITBTC offers you the means necessary in order to do it successfully.

As you are trading on an open market with buyers and sellers, their fees are competitively low but it does come at a price of user-friendliness. You are however not required to verify your account before trading, but this is likely because they do not accept credit card deposits. .

Review Score: 86

Company Information

Company: HITBTC

HITBTC was founded in 2013 after investments from a group of European venture capitalists.

Traded Currencies

  • CheckCheckBitcoin
  • CheckCheckEthereum
  • CheckCheckRipple
  • CheckCheckLitecoin
  • CheckCheckStratis
  • CheckCheckNEM

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