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Score 80 / 100
Security 9
Customer Support 9
User Friendly 7
Regional Availability 7
Reputation 8
Fees 8

Coinmate offers an easy way for you to buy Bitcoins, but also more advanced means of trading. They accept bank wire deposits at a very low rate, as well as deposits through Bitcoin. They buy and sell bitcoins at a very low spread, but at a high price. This means you should be cautious about buying bitcoins at Coinmate, and rather use it to sell. 
At this moment, they only offer Bitcoin. Many other exchanges sell multiple cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ripple. It appears the price offered on their website is a lot higher than the price on competetive exchanges. It does however also state a very high price for which you can sell bitcoins. 

Pros and Cons

  • CheckGreat price
  • CheckTrustworthy
  • CheckLow deposit fees on bank wire
  • CrossOnly sells Bitcoin
  • CrossDoesn't accept credit card

Payment Methods

Payment Method Name Deposit Fees Exchange Rates Max Purchase
Without Verification
Max Purchase
With Verification
CheckCredit CardCross
CheckBankwire6%Low spread between buy and sell, but price is high5000€Check

Coinmate Review

Coinmate does offer a very low spread on buy and spell prices. However, those prices are very high so if you are interested in buying bitcoins, make sure you compare their offered price to other exchanges as well. Their fees for trading or between 0% – 0.35% depending on if are the maker or taker of the order. If you are intending to sell bitcoin for FIAT (traditional currencies such as € or $). This is because they allow you to sell bitcoins at what appears to be a very high price.  If you are simply looking to buy some Bitcoin to hold or use for purchase or other trade, we recommend you use another exchange. They require a verification for any deposits made except for cryptocurrencies, which makes it more difficult to quickly buy your Bitcoin. 

You should always compare prices between exchanges, as they change regularly. 


Review Score: 80

Company Information

Company: Coinmate

Coinmate was founded in 2014 and is based out of London, United Kingdom.

Traded Currencies

  • CheckCheckBitcoin
  • CrossCheckEthereum
  • CrossCheckRipple
  • CrossCheckLitecoin
  • CrossCheckStratis
  • CrossCheckNEM

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