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Score 84 / 100
Security 9
Customer Support 9
User Friendly 10
Regional Availability 10
Reputation 9
Fees 7

Changelly allows you to buy almost every single Cryptocurrency out there with your credit card!
Unlike any other exchange, they offer tons of altcoins without you having to pay for them in Bitcoin.
In addition to this, Changelly is very easy to use compared to its rivals that offers a similar range of Cryptocurrencies. Because of this, Changelly is your best choice if you are looking to invest in more speculative currencies hoping for huge returns!

Pros and Cons

  • CheckWide range of Cryptocurrencies
  • CheckAccepts Credit Card
  • CheckBeginner Friendly
  • CheckGood Customer Service
  • CheckSafe
  • CrossSometimes has trouble accepting USD / Euro
  • CrossHigher fee than listed

Payment Methods

Payment Method Name Deposit Fees Exchange Rates Max Purchase
Without Verification
Max Purchase
With Verification
CheckCredit Card5%Bad50$ first purchase, Unlimited after 3 purchases50$ first purchase, Unlimited after 3 purchasesCheck

Changelly Review

Changelly is very easy to use and gives you the opportunity to trade quickly without having to verify your account. If you wish to stay anonymous, or are in a hurry, Changelly is the exchange for you.

Changelly does however have some drawbacks. They do not offer an online wallet for you to transfer for funds to and from, which means you need to set up your own wallet beforehand. You can read more about how to do that in our Learn-section. 

They do have some rather strict limits on Credit Card payments too. Your first transactions will be limited to 50-200 USD depending on your region, but with every transaction your limit is raised and after 3 transactions you will have no limit at all.

Changelly claims to charge a 0.5% fee, but in reality it is closer to 5-10% compared to marketprice. 

Review Score: 84

Company Information

Company: Changelly

Changelly was founded in 2013 by the people behind Minergate. 

Traded Currencies

  • CheckCheckBitcoin
  • CheckCheckEthereum
  • CheckCheckRipple
  • CheckCheckLitecoin
  • CheckCheckStratis
  • CheckCheckNEM

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